The YLED Programme is an aspirational youth development initiative that gives selected in-school learners the opportunity to have their leadership, interpersonal and entrepreneurship skills honed through different skills models: Life Skills, Entrepreneurship Skills and Leadership Skills. Run across 28 weeks, every Saturday morning, the learners are taught, trained and guided by a team who are committed to nurturing minds and developing leaders.



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Social Responsibility Initiative
The initiative is about giving back to the community in a practical manner. The aim is to get involved in the real world, problem-posing situations in order to change and improve the situation. To really understand the value of contribution and giving to society / community. Promoting Youth Service. A group project to address a contemporary social issue that impacts negatively on local and/or global communities. Teams must identify a course and write a report that must convince the YLED team that the project is worthwhile. Persuade them that the civic contribution and responsibility is possible in South Africa.

Multimedia Project
The aim is to capture the experience of the programme. It must be in a spectacular combination of pictures, sounds, words and images that convey the group and the cohort’s experience of the YLED Programme both inside and outside the classroom throughout the course of the programme.

Positive Word
All the YLED learners have a positive word that two YLEDers will be presenting at the start and at the end of the sessions until the end of the Entrepreneurship Challenge. Each week, two learners will present on the word allocated to them by the facilitator in their presentations they will include a story relating the word as well as what they learned from the story in relation to the respective word. This is driving self and team motivation as well as improving presentation skills of the participants.

Career Day
The purpose of the Career Day is to provide a platform through which young people can be provided with Career selection skills and armed with tools to cope with the challenges they face on route to their career of choices.

The purpose is to organise an exciting YLED Programme Graduation with the aim of certifying the YLEDers with their participation certificates as well as awarding certificates of excellence to those young people that stood out.

Friends of YLED Initiative
An annual event were we update sponsors and friends of YLED on the progress of the programmes. The purpose of this initiative is to reaffirm that YLED is an initiative that is the resolution towards Youth Development and Entrepreneurship Development.