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YLED is an award winning, innovative and inspirational youth skills and entrepreneurship development initiative that aims to positively impact participants’ future academic, social, entrepreneurial and career paths. We are non-profit organisation advocating the life and entrepreneurship development of young people.

In today’s fast changing, global economy, educators and employees alike recognise that traditional education often falls short of providing young people with the basic life skills they need to succeed – in school, their communities and future work places.

Greater investment in such programs will help narrow the growing gap between the supply of and demand for skilled workers, while helping to bridge the digital divide between developed and underdeveloped areas, municipalities and provinces of our country.

Organisations, government departments and municipalities that are conscious of the needs of the country that are aligned to ASGISA, youth development and Social Corporate responsibility will benefit their organisations, the community and their employees.

We are hoping and expecting that our life skills and Entrepreneurship Development program will positively impact participants’ future academic, entrepreneurial and career paths.

YLED Programme
Youth Leadership & Entrepreneurship Development Programme (YLED) is an aspiration youth development initiative that gives selected in-school learners the opportunity to have their leadership, interpersonal and entrepreneurship skills honed through 3 different skills models, namely Life Skills, Entrepreneurship Skills, and Leadership Skills over a 28 week period. By acquiring these skills, young people will play a full role in society and economy.

By acquiring these skills, young people will play a full role in society and economy.
Career Development Programme
Provides the learners with the necessary guidelines that will facilitate awareness in their intended fields of study in the form of a career day.
Leadership Skills
Aimed at unearthing and developing future leaders by promoting youth leadership development experiences that encourage group participation as well as collaboration with other individuals and groups.
Life Skills for Success
Imparting life skills that will seek to build a good foundation for self-development and success in life. Improving critical thinking, confidence levels and effective problem solving capabilities amongst the youth. Producing young people that demonstrate the ability to articulate personal values and a sense of responsibility to self and others.
Young Women in Dialogue
A programme that is designed to provide a platform for thorough, informed dialogue between young female students and young female professionals on the challenges faced by women in modern day South Africa. This programme is aimed at inspiring young women to look beyond their challenges and make a positive change to their lives and their communities and provide them with the tools to do so.
Entrepreneurship Challenge
YLED Educates the learners on business skills in order to develop an understanding of business organisations and provide them with real and practical experience in running small businesses of their own – thus creating entrepreneurial awareness.
Financial Literacy
Designed to equip disadvantaged young people with the knowledge on how to manage their finances effectively, avoiding bad debt and developing the confidence and knowledge to create financial freedom.
Motivational Talk
Young and some seasoned professionals that can relate to the challenges that young people face at this stage of their lives, are available to give the future leaders reasons to believe. They come from diverse backgrounds and have overcame adversity to achieve success in their respective fields and have the ability to inspire, teach and energize young people. Furthermore YLEDers share their life journeys with the aim to inspire and motivate.
Young Men in a Million
A YLED initiative that aims to address social and economic challenges faced by young men in modern day South Africa, run developmental and inspirational workshops that empowers the young men to identify, discuss present day challenges and opportunities and equip the young men with the relevant tools needed to overcome, look beyond the challenges they face.

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Investing in the Future Awards for The Best Corporate Employee Community Involvement (Life Skills & Mentorship Programme)



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Investing in the Future Awards (Life Skills & Mentorship Programme)